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Who We Are

In short we are: great listeners, learners, wonderers, debaters, out of the box thinkers, visionaries, finders, makers, improvers, implementors, counsels of hope and believers.

In detail…

Our aim

In the difficult post-crisis environment, businesses need prompt advice, in order to take advantage of opportunities with a solution-oriented approach. In both bad times and good, we look to help clients make decisions and advance their interests in the most efficient way. Our quick and intelligent team is enthusiastic, and our approach is both smart and flexible.

Our values

We find solutions. We solve problems.

We, at Ionescu Miron, believe that each business problem has a solution and, in an ever-changing environment, it is up to the adviser to identify and achieve that solution quickly and efficiently.

In addition to providing legal services, we have also taken on advising clients on complex economic issues, business trends and understanding the local legal environment.